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Year 5

The Year 5 Team 

Class 13 - Miss Spencer

Class 14 - Mr Jones

Class 15 - Miss Bell

TAs  - Mrs Morris and Mrs Edwards

If you need to talk to a member of the Year 5 team, please get in touch with them via school email address: (class 13) (class14) (class15)

Welcome letter and Planning Overview for Terms 5 and 6

If you have finished all of the activities in the 'Remote Access Pack' , use the website below (with an adult's permission) to find additional lessons and activities.

PE days


PE lessons will be held on Tuesdays (class 14), Thursdays (class 13, 14 and 15) and Wednesdays (class 13 and 15) this year.


​Please ensure that your child has a PE kit (red top, black shorts and trainers) in school at all times so that they are able to participate in any other physical activities that may be planned throughout the week.



Children will be given a piece of maths homework on a Thursday to be completed by the following Wednesday. The maths homework with alternate weekly between paper-based and practical.



Each Thursday the children will be tested on their spellings. We expect children to practise the weekly spelling words using 'look, cover, write, check' . Your child may like to also write sentences that incorporate the words. This homework is to be handed in on a Wednesday.



It is expected that the children will read at least three times per week at home (as agreed in the home school agreement) and that it is recorded by parents/careers in the planner.  Staff will check the planners on a weekly basis to monitor reading at home. Dojos will be awarded for home reading.


Welcome Letter - Autumn Term