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Year 5 had an incredible time at The Black Country History Museum in Dudley where they explored what life would have been like in the past. They visited shops and heard some amazing stories from the shopkeepers in them, watched a silent movie (and giggled a lot) and visited the Infant Welfare Centre to see how children were cared for in the past.  

During their time there, they also found out what it would have been like to be taught in the Victorian era.  They needed to sit up straight, have clean finger nails and recite the alphabet forwards and backwards and if they stepped out of line, well you know what would have happened!  Thankfully, everyone was on their best behaviour.

At one point in the visit, darkness loomed ahead.  The Year 5 children explored the Black Country caves and heard about what life would have been like down them.  Luckily, everyone emerged into the light at the end.

What an amazing day they had!

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