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Curriculum Intent


Elmbridge Primary School’s Curriculum Intent



  • The Elmbridge curriculum will evolve to reflect the knowledge and skills needed for life in the 21st Century. We will equip our children with the relevant knowledge and skills in an ever changing world. As a school, we continually reflect on the most effective ways to deliver the curriculum so that pupils remember what they have learnt and enjoy being ‘learners’.
  • Pupils will be confident to embrace the next stage of their learning. This means providing our children with the belief in their ability to do their best and to have a ‘Yes I Can’ mindset in all that they do. Our pupils are encouraged to be aspirational.
  • Pupils will have enquiring minds, be independent and resilient. Fostering curiosity through a wide range of experiential opportunities is a key part of our curriculum design. Enabling our children to solve problems and ‘think for themselves’ is also very important at Elmbridge.  Not being afraid to make mistakes and equip children to overcome challenges they may face is also central to our curriculum.
  • Pupils will value the importance of reading and communicate ideas effectively. At Elmbridge Primary School, reading is everything.  It is the gateway for children to access the world around them.  Reading purposefully, frequently and for pleasure is crucial in supporting well-being, curiosity and academic success.  Children are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills in a range of activities; writing and presenting work for a purpose is also highly valued at Elmbridge Primary School.
  • Staff and pupils will know how to look after their physical and mental health. We provide opportunities for pupils and staff to develop healthy active lifestyles every day. We nurture our staff and pupils alike to develop meaningful and respectful relationships with each other as well as offer strategies to overcome challenges that they may face.
  • Staff and pupils will show respect, tolerance and compassion for each other. Our curriculum is designed to recognise and celebrate our multi-cultural school, promoting mutual respect for each other. We adopt restorative principles to strengthen our empathy across our whole school community. As a school, we work together to promote our school values explicitly and implicitly in all that we do at Elmbridge Primary School.



Threaded through our curriculum intent are our 3 school rules, where we want our children to be:


‘Ready’ - Ready for learning, ready to listen, ready to go to lunch/come back in the classroom etc.

‘Respectful’ - Showing respect to their peers, to adults, to their environment, to themselves.

‘Safe’ - Safe in their learning environment, safe with the people around them and safe in the activities in which they are taking part, including online.