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Pupil Voice


At Elmbridge, pupil voice is very important to us; we feel the children should have a say in the development of the school. So 3 times a year, we hold a ‘Pupil Voice’ session involving every child from Year 1-6 over a 2 year rolling cycle. The children are split into groups which focus on different curriculum areas of the school. The groups are made up of children from different classes. They discuss whether previous actions have been met across an aspect of school and what they would like to develop. The children always have strong opinions and all of their views are taken into account; where possible changes are made according to their wishes.


Here is the Pupil Voice Feedback from March 2024:


We like

We would like


Expressing our feelings on the page


Learning about different styles


Working with illustrators for book week

To create our own mural



Using computers to research things for other subjects


Playing a variety of coding games


Typing – it’s good and can help us with spellings

To learn how to create our own games




Being creative, designing/making Ferris wheels and stuffed toys


Learning how you can make things your own (design)


Trying food from different countries

To share with other classes/year groups


Learning a different language and finding out more words/using new vocabulary


Playing the games to help us remember the words that we are learning


Having the worksheets to help us write French words

To play interactive games to help people that have missed lessons to practice their French language and catch up.




Learning about:

  • Oceans/coasts
  • Urban & rural areas
  • The UK
  • Recycling and global warming
  • Physical and human geography

To make a model of what we are learning


To have more research of topics


To make a volcano


Learning about ancient civilisations e.g. Egyptians – it makes you wonder how they did it

To have more role play, drama, Horrible Histories and art to be included in the lessons


That the ‘Solve its’ have become more challenging asking us to solve problems in different ways


The ‘Puzzle’ workshops (Year 3)


The levels of ‘Do It/Twist It/Solve It’


That every lesson is different but linked together

To have a times table challenge or year group/house challenge (think about how we can practice times tables in year groups)



Composer of the week


Performing in the Spring concert 


Using technology with music


Looping and using technology (in Year 5)


To make sure music is happening each week!


Activities and social/athletic and sport (keeping fit)


Having lots of equipment in lessons (hall equipment)


Learning new skills



To have football teaching from outside agencies


To have external sports visitors


To learn rugby in year 6


To have more sports day events


To extend clubs to more year groups


To mix year groups for PE


Learning about the important parts of each religion and then getting more information after


Learning about more than one religion; we learn about lots


Presenting work in lots of different ways, not just writing

To have more religious assemblies done by visitors and pupils



How it’s fun and interesting


That the information you might read in one book helps in all the different subjects


Having a chance to share books from home

To have more practical books that teach us what to do like Lego builds and Minecraft



Learning about shadows - how they move and their angles (Y3 and Y6)


Learning about rocks – making a fossil


Learning about plant reproduction


Learning about the digestive system – had fun with the experimental stomach

To explore – experience knowledge rather than just being told


Having more mindful moments


The ‘Cabin’ for stories, reading, yoga, making things (pastoral)


Group/partner work


Using ‘myHappyMind’ resources – e.g. happy breathing when stressed

To learn more about friendships and bullying in the curriculum



Writing in pen (KS2)


Finding new words and putting them in our work


Writing fiction (stories)

To maybe introduce ‘word of the week’.



Here is the Pupil Voice Feedback from November 2023:



We like

We would like 


Expressing ourselves 

Using a variety of equipment 

Making what we want 

To work with a real artist 


Solving problems to fix computers 

Programming - building games independently 

Typing, PowerPoint, Office skills 

A variety of types of coding/resources e.g. Python 


Using equipment e.g. saws makes you feel creative 

Free choice in cooking - you can express your individuality and choose what you make and taste what you have made

Y3 doing cross stitch/running stitch 

Y1 designing a puppet and sticking things together 

More choice of what we cook and a bigger selection of materials 


Learning a new language which helps us when we go to France 


To play more games in French lessons and when we read for pleasure, we would like to read French texts 


Looking after our world 

Learning about the water cycle, volcanoes, weather, deserts and the UK 

Reading stories about people in places 

Learning about natural disasters 

To learn more about the wildlife in different parts of the world and why they are there 


Learning about the past - activities people did 

Learning about Egypt, how people did things, transport, historical dress, Anglo-Saxons, the Victorians, the Vikings, the Stone Age, Rosa Parks, WW2, the Tudors, trips 

More experiences, for example role-play, acting it out and trips. This will help us understand more about history. 



MOT sessions - warming up your body for the maths lesson and getting your mind set 

How every lesson can be different 

To have a times table challenge or year group/house challenge 


Playing the musical instruments 

Individual instrument lessons 

Singing assemblies (infant and juniors) particularly singing pop songs 

To use more of a range of instruments in class 


Using the equipment/apparatus 

House sports 

PE with other classes 

Working on your fitness - fun and active 

External visitors delivering football sessions

Working in teams 

Visitors for each year group 

Different sports, more equipment/apparatus 

More ball sports, more than just throwing 

Whole year group PE sessions 


Learning about different religions and having children as subject experts 

Going to visit different religious buildings 

Having assemblies by different religious people/children in school 

More visits/visitors 

To make more decisions about how we present our work 


Reading lots of interesting books 

Learning lots of new vocabulary 

Seeing the higher range gives you something to aim for 

A chance to read books out of our range 

To adjust the criteria of the reading challenge 

To quiz throughout a longer text - it is too much to remember otherwise 


Learning about scientists and the experiments they did including the black scientist experiments 

Going outside to do investigations and experiments 

Learning new things e.g. 'what is gravity'? 'How is electricity made'? 'How do volcanoes start'? 

To learn about gravity, chemistry and mixing liquids and do more 'Wow' experiments 



Circle time games 

Time to talk (50% of the time)

Having worry monsters 

Talking about things that matter to all of us - e.g. racism

Mindfulness - mindful moments 

More mindful moments 


Using interesting words - fun 


Writing in pen (KS2)

Spelling tests 

A chance to have some 'free writing' time and to write about what we enjoy 




Here is the Pupil Voice Feedback from March 2023:






Having more choice of what we do is fun

Looking at artists’ work

Using different equipment, not just paint

Do more art (we did talk about only having so much time in the timetable and they said they would like to do it more than once a week



Games being used in lessons and free time, especially Times Tables Rock Stars

Using a range of Microsoft programmes

Making computers faster when using them


Cooking – making healthy carrot muffins and pizza

Working in groups

Textiles – plush toys, blanket stitch, cushions, pop up cards

Mechanisms – ferris wheel, slingshot cars

Making rockets in Class 1


Do DT more regularly


We like learning French. It is good to learn new words

Useful skill to have a new language

We can have conversations with people on holiday

It is fun – we can play games

We enjoyed language ambassadors (Y3 & Y4)

We want to play games with a French person and have conversations in class

Year groups to all use ‘salut’


Learning about different countries (e.g. Greece, Poland)

Biomes (desert, grassland, rainforest)

Learning about hotter and colder countries

Climate change and the effects of it

Pollution – how it affects the planet

Natural disasters (e.g. volcanoes, tsunami)

Urban/rural land mass

Cycles (lifecycles/water cycle)

More creative methods (e.g. sticking, gluing)

Learning about things that affect us right now

More pictures

More outside lessons

Learning about animals


Being archaeologists and looking at artefacts from the past

Learning about previous rulers

How the world has changed

We would like more of the resources/ sources/ videos used in lessons.


Times tables

How it is challenging

Multiplying numbers (infants)

Revising and recap of work covered

The different methods used in Maths (division, fractions, percentages)

Starters at the beginning of lessons

Tests (only from the youngest children)

Power points that don’t work correctly

More challenges


Playing the instruments in our music lessons so that we get better

Composer of the week – being able to help select music

We like when everyone joins in with the song

Young Voices, iRock, Spring Concert

Musical visitors to the school, e.g. pianist

Music lessons for the Infants

Longer for music lessons

Woodwind instrument demonstration in assembly

Singing lessons

Musical visitors in the Juniors


More gym apparatus (wall, vault)

Our minds can settle when we are doing PE

We feel excited

More equipment being used, e.g. hula hoops

Trying new sports, e.g. cricket, dancing, netball, hockey and rugby

Representing the school in different events

Disney football


The Year 1 trip to Oxtalls

Swimming (a different environment to do PE)

Helping myself and my friends with safety

Update the outdoor equipment

More footballs

More clubs to help develop skills

The class choosing the lesson and what equipment to use


We like that we don’t just learn about religions. We learn about non-religious people too

We can express our beliefs and hear other people’s beliefs too


Have more food-related lessons

More visitors from non-religious viewpoints

Have more autonomy over presentation  


Fiction books with a subject focus, e.g. ‘Murderous Maths’

Humorous books like the Wimpy Kid series

Changing reading levels and the words get longer

People putting books in the wrong places

We would like book monitors for the main reading areas – not just in classrooms


Loved experiments

Liked visits or when people came to school

Liked working with chemicals (!)

More experiments (one way we have actioned this is by giving Green Day the theme ‘Wow Factor’ where teachers were encouraged to give the activities a science theme. These activities were in addition to the science curriculum and allowed the children to have a wider range of experiences e.g. pond dipping, giant bubbles, kite building, slime etc.)



Year 5 – learning about first aid, smoking, drinking

Year 6 – learning about drugs

Year 2 – learning about breathing


Talking to teachers

TEA & Friends

Pastoral TA

Helping Hands (year 6 pupils helping year 2 pupils)

Free time

Running – Fit 15

Calming time


Year 6 would like more

Year 5 would like to do after lunch

Would like to talk in free time

More toys



Choice from an original idea

Non-fiction reports on topics of interest e.g. foxes

Writing out stories

More poetry

Some ‘free time’ to do writing every week, not necessarily in class book 

Greater independence

Longer on the same day on a task so we don’t forget (e.g. English all morning rather than two lessons on two days if we are writing a long task)

Do more independent and free writing

More time to write and to write things up neatly

Chances to type up and present work

Chance to read aloud to class

Updating the wall

Photocopying and taking work home


Here is the Pupil Voice Feedback from December 2022:






We can draw anything we like

It is creative

It doesn’t matter if we don’t know how to do something, we learn in the lesson

Artists to come in


Practising logging on

Playing with words on Word

Playing games

Making shapes in Word

Inputting pictures

Emails (outside of school)


Learning different symbols when typing

Coding club

Coding games

Making/drawing pictures

Other types of coding e.g. Python

Higher quality of computer e.g. faster/more modern

Logging on easier

Different apps/programs on computers/bigger variety




Learning new skills

It’s fun to work in a team

Using trial and error / problem solving

Using saws to make things

Using more technology



We like learning a new language, it is a useful skill to have another language.

We can order food etc. when we are on holiday.

It is fun!

Make French lessons more exciting and interactive.  Children want to be involved in more conversations and role play.



We find it interesting – especially when we get to learn about things like “biomes”

We learn about the United Kingdom

We love learning about our world and how to look after it.

We would like to learn more about different countries.  Where they are in the world/capital cities/food/flags etc.



Allows us to make links

Enjoy the eras covered

Time travel in your head

Trips i.e. Roman Villas

Independent research – create our own question



The addition and subtraction work

The teacher explains the concepts well

Enjoy TTRS – timed so I can get quicker

Maths can be challenging so I get to use my brain

Enjoy spotting mistakes

Solving Tiny’s problems

The worksheets we use need to be less confusing (teacher always says they are confusing)

Y6 algebra and fractions take too long, boring and hard.



Performing, singing and dancing

Hearing different genres of music

Music clubs/instrument lessons

Being creative and making own music

Using a wider range of / some new instruments



Really fun

Learning new sports like tennis, netball

Playing sports keep me fit

Keeps you healthy

Fun activities, playing catch with the balls

More equipment

Use apparatus

Learn different sports

Make it longer


Learning about different religions – old and new

Some teachers let children be ‘subject leaders’ and talk about their religion

Learning cross-curricular about religion – DT Diwali pots/Rangoli patterns

We would like more visits to religious buildings or have visitors.  Remind staff to allow children to present work in different ways.



Travelling into a different dimension

Moving through the points on AR

Like using the school libraries – books are easy to find

More books for higher levels, fantasy, horror/thrillers

More science fact books

KS2 opportunities to read for pleasure


Loved experiments

Liked visits or when people come into school

Liked working with chemicals

More experiments



Learning about the body

All children know who to talk to

Time out

Falling out needs to improve

Wellbeing Day – creative, yoga, talk, tai chi, mindfulness reading


Writing about the class ‘focus’ book

Handwriting pens/practise

We like to use our imagination and express our feelings

To be given more freedom and independence to write whatever we like.

More time to write and write things up neatly.