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Cricket Tournament

Performance List Poems

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Class 10 wrote list poems in groups and then performed them.


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Competitive Sports’ Morning

Leaf sketching

Art - Sewing bookmarks

Farmvention - building our polytunnels

Class 12 Bug Hotels

Week 4 - Remote Learning

Week 2 - Remote Learning

Home Learning Week 1 - examples of work

RE - Hinduism - Rangoli Patterns

Art - Block Printing

Brainbuster Maths Problem Solving


Home Learning - Week 16 - Examples of Work

Home Learning - Week 15 - Examples of Work

Home Learning - Week 14 - Examples of Work

Home Learning - Week 13 - Examples of Work

Simran's Lego Film

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Home Learning - Week 12 - Examples of Work

Home Learning - Week 11 - Examples of Work

Home Learning - Week 9 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 8 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 7 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 6 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 5 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 3 and 4 - Examples of work

Home Learning - Week 1 and 2 - Examples of work

To watch Leah's video clip of the sinking of the Mary Rose click here

Language Ambassadors from STRS

John Dougherty visited Year 4 and 5

Time Travellers Day

Making Egyptian Flatbread

Orienteering - Discovering facts about famous scientists

Slimbridge Trip

School Council Elections

Go With The Flow Hook

Year 2018-2019

D&T day: making leisure centres

All the Year 4 children took part in the D&T day today. The children were carefully and accurately using rulers, saws and glue to make their Leisure Centre prototypes.

Before they made the prototype itself, they improved their sawing and re-enforcing skills by taking one piece of wood, cutting it, then rejoining it at a right angle.


"Pooing" on the Playground! (Making interactive representations of the digestive system)

The children made human digestive system models today. They used various items to represent parts of the system:

  • bowl - mouth
  • forks - teeth
  • water - saliva 
  • plastic bag - stomach
  • orange juice - stomach acid
  • tights - intestines
  • paper cup (with a hole in) - bowels


They had a great time exploring this part of human body in such an interactive way.


Visit from Cemex

Year Four were visited by  Cemex today. They came to teach the children about road and cycle safety - especially around HGVs. 

Amongst other things, the children learnt about "Stop & Think". This reminds them to find a safe place to cross a road so that they can see - and be seen by - vehicles on the road.

Each child was kindly given: a high-vis jacket, a trouser guard, a ruler, a rubber, a pencil and activity book.



The Year four children, who are not on the Youlbury residential, made pizza this week. They enjoyed using interesting ingredients and developing their cooking skills. They made the dough from scratch and chopped the ingredients of their choice. We then enjoyed a picnic on the field in the afternoon where we discussed where the different ingredients had come from and how they are produced. 

Visit to St Catherine’s Church

The Year Four children enjoyed walking to St Catherine's Church to explore a Christian place of worship. They learnt many things about what Christians believe and they also got a chance to sketch the different things that they could see inside the church.


When they got back to school, the children discussed the similarities and differences of different religions and compared the visit to the church to their own experiences. 

Year 4 invent their own invasion games

Outdoor Learning - making rivers and artwork using natural resources

Maths - 'Act it Out' as a strategy for problem solving (Term 1)

Active Maths - Number lines