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Year 3

The Year 3 Team 

Class 7 - Mr Cox, Mrs Coughlan and Mrs Gorrett

Class 8 - Mrs Griffin, Mrs Bradford, Mr Dean and Miss Corp

Class 9 - Mrs Petticrew, Mrs Holl and Mrs Hardman



Mr Tharia's assembly 03.04.20

Holiday message from Mr Tharia and the SLT

Year 3 Home learning 

We are continuing to put activities on to the website to help our Year 3 children with their home learning. If you have any questions about the activities or need to talk to a member of the Year 3 team please get in touch with them via their school email address:


Mr Cox (Class 7)-

Mrs Griffin (Class 8 - Monday-Wednesday) -

Mrs Bradford(Class 8 - Wednesday - Friday) -

Mrs Petticrew (Class 9 and any year 3 enquiries) -


Please also find below a fact sheet about the Coronavirus produced by the Healthy Schools Team as a guide to how to answer some of the questions your children may have. 


Mr Tharia sings a silly song

Accelerated Reader

At Elmbridge Primary School, we feel that reading is 'everything' and that while the children are not at school, that they read as much as they can.  This can be books from school but also books that they have at home.


When your child left school on Friday, they should have brought home a few accelerated reader books on or just above the level they are reading. They will then be able to access this link via the website above so that they can then do the quizzes on them.  As you can appreciate, we do not have an unlimited amount of each level and have also written down what books the children will have taken home so that they can be returned when back at school. The children can do the quizzes for the books that they take home and for any other book that they may have at home.


You can also access the other website above to see whether the books you have at home, are on the accelerated reader programme.

Wellbeing (Sleep) Assembly and Activities produced by GHLL

Key Steps 2 gymnastics routine

P.E. Kit

Each class has two sessions a week requiring kit for indoor or outdoor use. Children need black shorts, a red t-shirt and a pair of trainers. During outdoor P.E. lessons, children may need warmer clothes as the weather becomes cooler, so we ask for a plain dark pair of joggers and a zip up jumper. For safety reasons long hair needs to be tied back and earrings need to be removed, apart from in the first six weeks of having pierced ears.

Each class has Games or P.E. on the following days:


Class Outdoor Indoor
7 Monday Friday
8 Monday Tuesday
9 Monday Wednesday