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Mr Tharia's assemblies and messages

Mr Tharia's assembly about responsibility and mutual respect 18.06.20

Mr Tharia'a assembly about being responsible

Storytime with Mr Tharia 01.05.20

Mr Tharia's assembly about the value of Initiative

Welcome back to the summer term. Term 5's value is 'Initiative'. This means the ability to work things out on your own or solving a problem with the things a...

Assembly about Resilience

End of Term 4 assembly about our ' Resilience' value that we have been focusing on.

Storytime with Mr Tharia

I thought I would share with you a lovely book about Stanley and his stick. I like this book because it shows what a great imagination you can have with a si...

Mr Tharia's assembly about the 5 ways to wellbeing

Assembly by Mr Tharia on the 5 ways to wellbeing

Key Steps 1 gymnastics routine

Mr Tharia singing a silly song

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