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Year 1

The  Year 1 Team

Class 1 -  Mrs C Danvers and Mrs Roberts

Class 2 -  Mrs L Booth and Mrs N Witcomb

Class 3 -  Mrs L McNulty

TA's- Mrs Coughlin, Miss G Holmes,  Mrs Brear, Mrs Faulks, Mrs Poyser




Summer Term Topic

Xavier made his own powerpoint as part of his homework. Well done Xavier!

Year 1 have been finding out about Tim Peake. As a class they made a powerpoint using the information they found out.

Tim Peake Powerpoint

This Summer term our topic is 'Zoom to the Moon'. We had an exciting start with a visit from the Space Dome!

This Spring term our topic is is ‘Poles Apart’. Look how we have made our learning environment exciting with pieces of work from different areas of the curriculum.