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The children had to fill in and submit a enters form and read out a speech in front of their year group. Then their class mates had to vote for them. The one that had the most votes is captain and the one with the second most votes got vice.


School Council Voting

Free wheel Friday

Free wheel Friday  1


School Councils are democracy in action. The School Council at Elmbridge Primary School consists of two representatives from each class, a councillor and a vice councillor. The council meets frequently to discuss issues raised in class or year group meetings and to express views and make decisions.


The election of the School Council members reflects our British electoral system and demonstrates democracy in action. During September, pupils decide whether or not they wish to stand for election. Then the candidates make their speeches, while the rest of the pupils consider which characteristics they feel are important for an elected representative and who will best represent them. They then vote in secret, using ballot boxes and polling booths.


The council has its own budget and is able to make changes within the school; in the past, the School Council has raised money and bought new trim trail equipment, organized ‘Wheelie Wednesdays’ and ‘Freewheel Fridays’, interviewed prospective teachers and organised themed weeks.


Our School Council works closely with the community, attending Parent Discussion Groups and liaising with our governing body. They are a productive, innovative group who are genuinely able to effect change within the school.


What we have achieved in 2016

We have organised many things this year : green day , cultural arts week , got tag rugby  included in national sports week, leather footballs on the field at lunchtime and year sixes teaching year, four, five and six. We hope that everyone enjoyed the things that we have organised this year. Jasmine.


In year 3 we organised to go to the science festival and bike and scooter day outside on a Wednesday.