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Year 6 Gallery 2017-2018

Welcome to Year 6's gallery. On this page, you'll be able to find photos showing you what we've been up to. 

If you would like a copy of the photo that your child is in, email (quoting the number of the image and child's name) and we will send you a copy.

Enterprise at Elmbridge

Enterprise at Elmbridge 1
Enterprise at Elmbridge 2
Enterprise at Elmbridge 3
Enterprise at Elmbridge 4
Enterprise at Elmbridge 5
Enterprise at Elmbridge 6
Enterprise at Elmbridge 7
Enterprise at Elmbridge 8
Enterprise at Elmbridge 9

The Year Sixes were joined today by twelve A level students from Sir Thomas Rich's School.

The students, who are studying economics or business studies, were helping the children to plan what to do with their £15 start-up loan and how they can make the greatest profit at the Summer Fayre.


Look out for their stalls at the PTA Summer Fayre (8th June 2018)!

KS2 SATs Week

All of the Year Six children have worked really hard this week and should be really proud of themselves - we certainly are!

Thanks to the PTA, the children were invited to start the day with a sociable breakfast which they really enjoyed. 

Baking Bread


Year Six have been baking bread this week. We worked in groups of three and learnt how to make bread. We mixed together brown bread flour, yeast, oil and salt. Then we had to knead the dough. After we did this we had to leave it to prove. 

Written by Jemima


Can you spot the difference between the bread made with modern wheat flour and one made with the old fashioned, "Einkorn" flour?

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Evolution Revolution!


Year Six enjoyed their first day back at school after the Christmas Holidays. We were visited by Jules from Paleo Lab who brought lots of real fossils and bones and inspired us to learn about all things related to zoology and evolution.


It was a great way to launch our new topic: The Next Generation (see the topic map for more information).

The Year Six children have been improving their cooking skills this week. They have worked on; making pastry, using the claw and bridge grip to safety cut vegetables; understanding food safety when cooking with meat, to name just a few!


We have also been discussing the role of the consumer and the importance of understanding value for money when buying food, especially meat and eggs. Please follow the link for more information about the Red Tractor Food Label.


In addition to this, the children have also applied their mathematical skills by using analogue scales and converting weights and measure. 

Picture 1


Today Year 6 children have been doing some very exciting activities for Remembrance Day. The children have been doing activities such as poetry, colouring, designing medals that could have been awarded in World War One and also every class in Year 6 will be making a large poppy made out of rolled newspaper. Hopefully you will have a surprise of how great they look. 


Written by Sanjif


Year Six Science: dissecting flowers

Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 1
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 2
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 3
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 4
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 5
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 6
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 7
Year Six Science: dissecting flowers 8

During today's science lessons, Year Six enjoyed learning about flowers and how they reproduce. During the lesson, we gently peeled apart the petals to reveal the stigma and stamen as well as many other parts. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and enjoyed how "hands on" it was. We went on to deepen their understanding by inquiring about and identifying the differences between the stamens, styles and ovaries in a Lily and Rose flower.

Outdoor Learning in Year Six

Outdoor Learning in Year Six 1
Outdoor Learning in Year Six 2
Outdoor Learning in Year Six 3
Outdoor Learning in Year Six 4
Outdoor Learning in Year Six 5
Outdoor Learning in Year Six 6

Over the next few weeks all of the Year Six children will be going outside to explore the different habitats in our school field.

Today, Class 17 enjoyed searching for different living things (not just animals!). We then discussed why living things are found in their habitats and we related it to what they have already learnt about the seven life processes. 

The children enjoyed a visit to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) this week. Whilst they were there, they enjoyed exploring many different habitats as well as developing their scientific investigation skills. During the day, the children investigated the positive effects of wetland filters on the biodiversity of a habitat. They learnt that this is one of the main messages from the WWT.  

Exploding homework!

Exploding homework! 1
Exploding homework! 2

Today Luke brought in some homework related to our topic SAVAGE PLANET. The homework he chose to bring in was an erupting volcano. He made this at home and brought Diet  cola and mint sweets to cause the reaction. First he poured the cola into the bottle lid at the top of the volcano model, then he added the whole packet of sweets! This caused a fizzing reaction in the bottle. Sadly it only caused a small reaction but we all enjoyed it anyway.


Written by Georgia

What a 'Savage Planet' we live in!


Year six enjoyed the 'launch' of the new topic today. Each group designed  and made their own rocket to demonstrate the power of potential energy caused by creating gas. They created the carbon dioxide by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 


In in this topic the children will be learning about the power of the potential energy stored between the earth's tectonic plates. 

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Welcome back!


The new Year Six children had a great day today. They enjoyed seeing their friends again after the break and settling into their new classrooms. We look forward to working and learning together this term.