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Year 6 Gallery 2015-2016

'Value Behaviour' deliver workshops to year 6

DT - making thrones for a 'Marvellous Monarch'

The Apprentice - Elmbridge Style!

The children of Year 6 have been working together to create proposals for their own festivals. They have had to think about: audiences, locations, purpose, profit and loss and much more. 

Throughout the day they have developed their skills and their financial capability. 

SPAG quiz morning

As part of our SAPG revision, Year 6 took part in a year group quiz.  All the rounds had a SPAG focused except the bonus round which was times tables! The children had great fun.

PSHCE and French

Year 6 combined their French and PSHCE lessons this week to learn how to say the weather in French whilst giving each other massages.  The children (and staff) were thoroughly relaxed by the end of the lesson!

Helipebs visit January 2016

The winners from the K-Nex Challenge had the opportunity to visit Helipebs, a local engineering company, for the afternoon.  The six children and Mrs Crouch had a factory tour, visited the board room and had a go at some CAD (Computer Aided Design). 

Year 6 Christmas hat winners

Year 6 Christmas hat winners 1
Year 6 Christmas hat winners 2

Daylight Theatre Company Present 'Ghostcliff Grange'

Year 6 enjoyed watching the play 'Ghostcliff Grange.'  It was a mystery play based during World War Two.  

Mmmm trench cake!

Year 5 and 6 watch 'A Midsummer Nights' Dream'

Year 6 play '24'

Year 6 have had fun applying their problem solving skills whilst playing the 24 game.  Could you solve the problem in 30 seconds?

Year 6 Science

All of year 6 have been applying their skills, to separate substances, in science this week. 


The Steam Museum by Sam.

On the 25th September the year 6 went to the steam museum in Stroud. The museum was full of 1940 furniture and exciting activites. Whilst we were there we were evacuated, adopted and put into a bunker. There were also other activites as well. We enjoyed dressing up. 


Class 10 STEAM museum

Year 6 investigate WW2 artefacts from Cheltenham Museum