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Pupil Conferencing

Pupil Conferencing


At Elmbridge, pupil voice is very important to us; we feel the children should have a say in the development of the school. So 3 times a year, we hold a ‘Pupil Conferencing’ session involving every child from Year 1-6. The children are split into groups which focus on different areas of the school. This year, our focus subjects are Science, Computing, PSHE and Reading. The groups are made up of children from different classes. They discuss whether previous actions have been met across an aspect of school and what they would like to develop. The children always have strong opinions and all of their views are taken into account; where possible changes are made according to their wishes.

Here is the Pupil Conferencing Feedback from Autumn 2019.


Subject Area

What we like…


Now we would like…

(areas of development)

English: (reading)

  • Accelerated Reader quizzes
  • Revisiting books
  • The class book
  • Being read to by the teacher


  • Words displayed on the walls to help with phonics
  • More books to choose from
  • An assembly about Accelerated Reader charts and quizzes
  • Quiet times / spaces to read
  • More time to read
  • Regular book review time
  • LRC monitors
  • Cosy reading areas e.g. with cushions



  • Computing that will help us in the future with careers, communicating, homework etc.
  • Typing and Dance mat
  • E-safety lessons
  • The ‘Bebots’
  • ‘Logo draw’
  • Coding
  • Paint
  • To have more time to learn the basics e.g. word, excel etc…
  • To use different APPs
  • To continue to learn how to stay safe online
  • Hardware issues to be resolved- e.g. batteries, logging on time and updates running
  • A computer room
  • To remove pop-ups
  • To have Hector Dolphin on all screens (to hide inappropriate content)



  • Investigations
  • Trips and expert visitors
  • Regular science sessions
  • The variety of topics we do in science
  • To know why we do the investigations we do
  • More investigations
  • Science quizzes
  • To present our work in different ways
  • More use of The Shake and Bake Room for investigations
  • More chemical reaction experiments
  • Something like a Science Expo day
  • To use/know more scientific vocabulary
  • More use of the outdoor space for investigations and observations



  • The colourful environment
  • Photo displays
  • Reading displays
  • That we have a good understanding of ‘Keep Active’ in the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ (5WW)
  • That we have a variety of opportunities to be active at playtime
  • The running track and Fit15
  • Our friendly, welcoming environment
  • To be more active in morning lessons (including assemblies)
  • More active breaks
  • Clear guidelines for football at playtimes
  • Wellbeing leaders to support playtimes and help with friendships
  • To have the cloakroom window frames fixed
  • Transfers for cloakroom windows and decoration on LRC door
  • To have a 5WW assembly
  • More opportunities to learn the 5WW
  • Glitter bottles throughout the school
  • More wellbeing lessons/ PSHE