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New Skills

Are you ready for some more new skills this week> Here we go…


First new skill – Learn how to tie a range of basic knots

Boating knots, fishing knots, different knots to tie a tie, surgical knots, climbing knots… I bet you didn’t realise that there were so many uses for different types of knots! Take a shoe lace, piece of string or anything you have around the home that you could use and have a go at learning a few of the basics.


The website will show you different types of basic knots with videos of how to do them:

When you have learnt some, don’t forget to impress someone else with your new skill!


Second new skill – Teaching others

If you are/have been a part of the Brownies or Scouts, you will know that you can earn badges for new skills. For this task we would like you to create your own badge to teach others about a skill you have.


Do you know how to make jam? Can you moonwalk? Can you bake the most delicious banana bread? Can you fold t-shirts like a pro to save space in your drawers? No matter how basic/creative your skill, design a badge and write a set of instructions about how to complete it.


Please send these to your teachers so we can see how many badges we can earn!