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What do the children say about maths at Elmbridge?

"Even though I'm not the best at maths, I enjoy all the work we do.  The maths we do is right for our level and if we are stuck we get help." Piper


"I like maths and how the teachers make learning as fun as they can." Rhys


"Maths is really fun, it's always interesting to see other peoples answers and methods." Ava


"I think that maths is hard but the teachers help me with maths so I'm getting better." Ollie


"I like maths because the teachers are very helpful and push us to our abilities." Rubie 


"Maths is a great subject and really important.  In my opinion, I really like fractions, decimals and percentages." Abdullah


"I enjoy maths because it teaches me new things and ways to solve problems." Lainey


"I love maths because we do a huge variety of work, I especially like Mystery Monday." Theo


By the time they leave Elmbridge Primary School our aim is that:


  • Pupils enjoy maths and feel confident to explore many aspects of the subject
  • Pupils become fluent with the basics of mathematics
  • Pupils experiment with number; adopting flexible, open-ended approaches

  • Pupils are encouraged to think clearly and logically for themselves

  • Pupils are encouraged to reason and conjecture in maths

  • Pupils work both independently and through participation and collaboration with others

  • Pupils can use their mathematical knowledge to solve a variety of problems

National Curriculum


'The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils.....become fluent......reason mathematically..... and can solve problems.' 


A copy of the National Curriculum can be found here.

How can I help my child at home?



How can I improve my times table recall?


Below are different websites that you visit to help you practise your times tables.