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We have decided to use a learning platform called SHOWBIE to enable pupils in Years 3 to 6 to access school should the need arise.  SHOWBIE is an interactive learning platform that allows teachers to share work for pupils whilst they are working at home, as well as share video or sound clips to help teach and explain tasks or direct pupils to relevant websites. Pupils can view the tasks and any teaching points the teacher has made and are then are able to upload their completed work, complete work within SHOWBIE itself or use the camera on phone/tablet to take pictures of what they have completed which can be uploaded for the teacher to see.  Pupils can also ask the teacher for help, as can parents, if they need to.


Accessing SHOWBIE

SHOWBIE can be accessed from a variety of devices.


1. Laptop/PC: Search for showbie or click the link below


2. Apple ipads or phones: Install the Showbie App


3. Android phones or tablets: Access the Showbie website via the web browser. If you wish, this then can  be saved as a web-app by clicking the 3 dots that usually appear in the top right of the screen.

Signing in to SHOWBIE


All the pupils in Years 3 - 6 have been given a unique user name and password to enable them to sign in to SHOWBIE - this has been sent home via a letter. Please contact the class teacher if you have difficulty login in to SHOWBIE.


SHOWBIE walk-through: a guide for pupils and parents