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This week you will be continuing to explore the effects of flooding. Did you know that in the summer of 2007, the UK was hit with terrible floods? It is estimated that the property damage caused was to the value of up to £6.5 billion!


Your task this week is to interview somebody who remembers the floods in Gloucestershire in 2007. Write a set of questions (no more than 8-10) and record the answers given. You are asking questions to learn about what happened so think about them carefully: a good journalist will want to gain as much detail as possible using thoughtful questions. You will want to ask some closed questions (these will give a limited answer) and some open-ended questions (these will allow the person to give more detail).


Example questions:

  • What do you think was the biggest change to life in Gloucester because of the floods?
  • How did the floods in 2007 effect your life at home?