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English Activities



Below you will find activities for reading, writing and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar).


There are 5 reading comprehensions - one for each day of the week. Please ensure that your child is also reading for at least 20 minutes a day as well as doing these activities - reading really is important! When you click on the reading comprehension, there will be three different versions of the one text in the PDF along with different questions. If your child is working just below the expected standard, please give them the one with 1 star at the bottom. If your child is working at the expected standard, please give them the text and questions with 2 stars at the bottom of the page. If your child is working above the expected at greater depth, please give them the text and questions that have 3 stars.


The writing activity will take them the whole week. It would be really good if they follow the same format that they do in school which is plan (a planning sheet for them to use is below), write a first draft, edit and improve and then lastly, write the final copy in neat. The children will be familiar with this process which will make it a lot more helpful for them. 


There are a variety of SPaG activities for the children to complete independently. The answers are also on the document which will allow them to either mark the work by themselves or for another family member to do it. 


Any problems, please email your child's class teacher.


Comprehension Activities

Writing Activity


This week, we would like you to write a recount about that day that Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii.


Below is a very interesting time-lapse video of the whole event. Start of by watching this video through. Then, watch it again whilst taking notes about the key events; it would be good to take notes of important times and exact details regarding what was happening at those particular points. Remember to think about the sounds that you can hear and not just what you can see. Once you have made detailed notes from the video, go through the two PowerPoints below and add to your notes any extra information that you gather from them.


After you have completed your notes, start to plan your recount - you could do it as though you saw and experienced the whole event and you are writing about it in your diary. This way, you could also then think about including how you might have felt during each main event. 


Once your plan is completed, write your first draft. If you want to, email your teacher your first draft and they can give you some feedback on it. Then, as we would do in school, edit and improve your work and finally, write up a best copy of your recount. 


Remember, at any point, you can email your teacher for help - we are here for you! yes


We would love to be able to put your final copies into the gallery of work for this week so please email it to us as soon as you have completed this activity!.


SPaG Activities


With the spelling activity, use these as your spellings for this week and get a family member to test you on them like we normally do on a Friday morning!