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Lesson 1:

Today is writing café day: your chance for a bit of free writing on the theme of thunder storms.

Explore the clips and images of thunder storms and read about what they are and why they happen. Use these links to help you:

Information about thunder storms:

Explaining the science behind a thunder storm:

Amazing clip of a thunder storm:


You can use the picture (stimulus) to help inspire you. Choose a genre of writing to write about thunder storms. Examples of genres: a description, a newspaper article, a non-chronological report, a diary entry about being caught in a thunderstorm, a poem…

Happy writing! J

Lesson 2:

Put your SPaG knowledge to the test with this quiz! Work your way through the powerpoint and test yourself on your own or with your family and see who has the best SPaG knowledge. Could you make it even better by seeing who has the most points at the end?