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Lesson 1:

This week we would like you to put your reporting skills to the test and write a newspaper article about Mt Vesuvius erupting and the devastating effects this had on Pompeii. This writing will be formal compared to the diary entry that you have previously written so think carefully about the language you use.

Watch the timelapse youtube video again of Pompeii when Mt Vesuvius erupted:


Look at these links to recap facts for the event to help you plan and write your article:


Look at the features checklist to make sure that you have included everything for this genre in your writing.

Happy reporting!


Lesson 2:

Put your SPaG knowledge to the test with this quiz! Work your way through the powerpoint and test yourself on your own or with your family and see who has the best SPaG knowledge. Could you make it even better by seeing who has the most points at the end?