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Lesson 1:

Write a book review of a book that you have read at home.

Make sure that you are still completing your quizzes on ‘Accelerated Reader’.


Lesson 2:

Ever thought about a story from a different point of view? Ever been asked to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes?’ It’s a tricky skill to develop and takes a great deal of empathy. Watch the Disney Pixar short ‘Piper’


Sweet wasn’t it! Your task for this lesson is to write a diary entry from Piper’s Point of view about her initial fears of the sea and her ability and courage to overcome them, which resulted in the birds learning a better way to get their food! (Yes, we know birds can’t write, but remember this is Disney after all!)


Lesson 3:

Thinking about how you felt at the end of year 5 about to enter the strange and mysterious world of year 6. Write a list of 6-8 detailed top tips and pieces of advice that you would give to those in year 5 now ready for year 6. Would one be to do with organisation? Homework? Advice about roles and responsibilities and how to approach these? How to make the most of year 6? How to cope with approaching secondary school?


Make sure that you give reasons for your choices to explain them in as much detail as possible eg. we don’t want to read “be organised”. Give practical tips of how and why.