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Lateral Flow Device Tests


Lateral Flow Device Tests, sometimes called rapid result tests, are now being widely used. All Secondary School pupils have been asked to test twice per week, as have all the staff who work in Primary and Secondary Schools. The aim of these tests is to identify any asymptomatic cases of coronavirus in order to slow down the spread of the disease.


At present, these tests have not been recommended for Primary age pupils and therefore should not be used to test them. If a primary age pupil shows symptoms of coronavirus, then a PCR test should be arranged as soon as possible and that pupil should self isolate. Likewise, if an adult or secondary age pupil is showing symptoms of coronavirus, then a PCR test should be arranged and they should self isolate until the test result is known. There is no requirement for Under 18s or those over 18 who have had 2 vaccinations in the household to self isolate, but anyone else not in these categories who is in the household of the potential or confirmed case should.


Lateral flow Device tests are an important part of the response to coronavirus and anyone eligible to take these regular asymptomatic should be encouraged to do so. More information can be found at How to do a rapid lateral flow test for coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (