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Espresso Coding 2.0

For computing this week, we would like you to go back and complete some more coding activities.

Follow this link: 

Make sure that you choose 'coding' from the drop down box in the right hand corner.

Username: Student14015

Password: Elmbridge1952


At the top, if it hasn't already taken you to it, it will say 'Coding 2.0'. Click onto this as we are now using this version. 


Scroll down to 'Block Coding' and click on 'Learn'. This will take you to the different levels. 

*Ignore if it says 'Coding 1.0' at the top, if you click onto this it will take you back to 1.0.*



  • Levels 5 and 6 (although if you want to revise others you can do).
  • If you are feeling super confident and/or love a challenge, you can take a look at the introduction to 'Python' which you can find at the top. 

Dance Mat Touch Typing

In such a technological world, it is becoming increasingly desirable to be able to type at speed. 

Have a go at dance mat which takes you through different levels to help you become able to touch type. It will help you stop typing with just one finger at a time! smiley