Home Page Elmbridge Primary School

Because you're the experts...

That's right, as the oldest children in the school your teachers really look to you as the experts!


Your task this week is to create an informational booklet for new parents and children joining Elmbridge Primary School in September. This is to give them as much information about the school as possible. 


Here are some ideas of what you may wish to include:

  • School logo and motto
  • Pictures / a map of the school
  • A picture of Mr Tharia with an introduction about who he is
  • Information about teachers
  • Key information about the school day - start / end times, how break times and lunch time works
  • Explanation of the house system
  • Explanation of learning behaviours
  • A page for each year of school from Reception up to year 6 about what to expect
  • An overview of residential trips: years 4, 5 and 6
  • A brief explanation of productions in year 2, 4 and 6 (giving examples)
  • Dragon's den
  • Sports days


You may also have some other ideas of important information you could include. Remember to make it clear, eye-catching and informative. You may wish to put a couple of these ideas on one page. It would be useful to plan what you are going to include first. 


If you can, please bring these in to your teachers as we would love to use some to hand out ready for September. We look forward to seeing how your booklets display our fantastic school (if we do say so ourselves!) smiley