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Art & Design

Create your own volcano art/model


For topic this week, we are focusing on art and design. Your task is to create your own volcano model or piece of art work (or both).


Raid your recycling; use blades of grass on the pavement to form a volcano shape; use objects from around the house or you could make a human volcano with members of your family. Be as creative as you can be with the resources available to you. You can email any pictures of your creations to your teachers - we would love to see them!


There are some examples attached below.

Write a volcano poem


Think about the nature of a volcano: powerful, volatile, standing proud over a landscape. Your task is to write a poem to really capture the essence of a volcanic eruption. Youtube have some great clips of eruptions: take a look at this one by the National Geographic (


Consider how you could creatively present your poem. Some sheets have been provided if you would like to use them.