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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr G Tharia

Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning Leader


Mrs A Reedman


Assistant Head Teacher and Year 3 Team Leader,
PPA Teacher, Curriculum Leader and Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Lead, Wellbeing Team.

Mr P Riddle


Assistant Head Teacher and Year 6 Team Leader,
Year 6 Teacher, Assessment Leader, Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Humanities Team.

Mrs E Brentley


Assistant Head Teacher and Year 1 Team Leader,
Y1 Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead &
Pupil Premium Lead.

Mrs N Hawkins


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Team Leader, EYFS Teacher, Work Experience Co-ordinator, Science & Technology Team.

Mrs R Wiggins


Year 2 Team Leader, Year 2 Teacher, Science & Technology Team, NQT mentor.


Mrs V Toppin


Year 4 Team Leader, Year 4 Teacher, Student Placement Co-ordinator, Maths Team.

Mr D Jones

Year 5 Team Leader, Year 5 Teacher, English Team.


Mrs C Grocott


School Business Manager and Clerk to the Governors


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCO)

Mrs J Lange


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 2 PPA Teacher, Arts Team.

Miss C Richardson

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Key Stage 1, Year 1 Teacher, English Team.


Teaching Staff – Key Stage 2

Mrs L Base

PPA Teacher, Humanities Team.

Miss T Blair

Year 3 & 4 PPA Teacher, Outdoor Learning Team.

Mrs K Bradford

Year 4 Teacher, English Team. 

Mr D Bulless

Year 3 Teacher, Arts Team.

Miss A Clague

Year 5 Teacher, Humanities Team.

Miss B Etheridge

Year 4 & PPA Teacher, Humanities Team.

Mrs K Griffin

On maternity leave (from September 2016)

Mrs L Iveson

Year 6 Teacher, Science& Technology Team.

Mrs P Jones

Year 3 & Year 4 PPA Teacher, Wellbeing Team.

Miss L Hill

Year 3 Teacher, Wellbeing Team.

Miss G Lumley

Year 6 Teacher, Maths Team.

Miss J Martin

Year 3 Teacher, Arts Team.

Miss K Pembridge

Year 6 Teacher, English Team.

Mrs A Petticrew

Year 4 Teacher, Humanities Team.

Miss R Scarrott

Year 5 Teacher (maternity cover from September 2016)


Teaching Staff – Early Years Foundation (EYFS) & Key Stage 1

Mrs S Barnes

EYFS Teacher, Science & Technology Team.

Mr P Blackwell

PPA Teacher, Outdoor Learning Team.

Mrs L Booth

Year 1 Teacher, Wellbeing Team.

Mr A Grigg

Year 2 Teacher, Science & Technology Team.

Mrs P Jones

Year 2 Teacher, Wellbeing Team.

Mrs L McNulty

Year 1 Teacher, Maths Team (on maternity leave from December 2016)

Miss S Pestridge

EYFS Teacher, Maths Team.

Mrs C Roberts

PPA Teacher,

Mrs S Slack

Year 2 Teacher, Humanities Team.

Mrs L Trotman

Year 1 Teacher, Arts Team.


Teaching Assistants – Key Stage 2

Mrs R Aston, Mr R Barnett, Mrs L Coughlan, Mrs T Crouch, Mr M Dean, Mrs E Holl,
Mrs D Howard, Miss L McTaggart, Mrs C Morris , Mrs G Womersley, Mrs J Howarth, Mrs K Edwards

Special Educational Needs (SEN) TAs: Mrs H Faulks, , Ms D Gill, Mrs S Elton, Mrs I Flatman, Miss G Baker, Miss V Curbishley, Mrs K Hardman, Mrs M Hazelwood, Mrs J Jones, Miss K Edwards, Mr C Stephenson, Miss S Taylor, Mrs S Wilson, Mrs K Edwards.

Pastoral support worker: Mrs D Howard

Teaching Assistants – EYFS & Key Stage 1

Mrs A Brear, Mrs S Cox, Mrs K Edwards, Mrs S Godfrey, Mrs K Greig, Mrs R Haynes,
Miss O Heyburgh, Miss G Holmes, Ms S Paine, Mrs A Perrins, Mrs J Price, Mrs K Smith.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) TAs: Mrs K Bacon, Mrs P Gomersall,
Miss R Partridge (on maternity leave from November 2016), Mr D Jones (covering maternity from November 2016)

Pastoral support worker: Mrs S Williams


Support Staff


Mrs C Adams, Mrs L Averis, Mrs J Davies, Mrs J Griffin, Mrs L Hicks, Mrs Y Miles, Mrs S Powell, Miss T Williams

Office Staff

 Mrs E Morgan, Miss K O’Brien, Mrs T Torkoniak, Mrs L Skingsley

Midday Supervisors

Mrs C Adams, Mrs L Cushion, Mrs J Davies, Miss K Davies, Mr M Dean, Mrs S Godfrey, Mrs J Griffin, Mrs K Harris, Mrs L Hicks, Mrs R McDonagh, Mr S Merrick, Miss J Muncaster, Mrs L Neale,
Mrs A Robinson, Mrs J Sharkey, Mrs B Staite, Mrs D Wyatt

Playworker (Playmania)

Mrs A Lathan, Mr J Willis

School Crossing Guard

Mr S Merrick

Site Manager

Mr A Bolton


Mr L Prictor