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Pupil Conferencing

Pupil Conferencing


At Elmbridge, pupil voice is very important to us; we feel the children should have a say in the development of the school. So every Autumn and Summer term we hold a ‘Pupil Conferencing’ session involving every child from Year 1-6. The children are split into groups which focus on different areas of the school. The groups are made up of children from different classes. They are asked what they like about the school and what they would like to develop. The children always have strong opinions and all of their views are taken into account; where possible changes are made according to their wishes.

Here are the strengths and suggestions made at our July 2017 Pupil Conferencing.


Subject Area

We enjoy…

Now we would like…

English: writing

  • Infant-Writing stories.
  • Junior-Lessons around a book.
  • Infant-To learn effective ways to edit our work.
  • Junior-More ‘Free writing’ time and more ‘Writing Cafes’ (boys).

English: reading

  • Infant-A variety of books including picture books.
  • Junior-Being read to by an adult.
  • Infant-More poetry books.
  • Junior-A system for recommending books to each other.


  • Infant-Counting in 2s and using number lines.
  • Junior-‘Do it, twist it, solve it.’
  • Infant-A maths homework club.
  • Junior-More whole class maths.


  • Infant-Painting and using different media.
  • Junior-The wide variety of art activities.
  • Infant-A mosaic on the Hub wall.
  • Junior- More time for art, including skills practise.


  • Infant-The drumming workshops.
  • Junior-Singing songs.
  • Infant-To learn to play an instrument.
  • Junior-To use the instruments more.


  • Being able to talk about what we learn.
  • To carry out more science experiments and make science more cross curricular.


  • Infant-Using the ipads.
  • Junior-Espresso and coding.
  • Infant-More typing lessons.
  • Junior-Experts to come in to school and lead coding lessons.

D & T

  • Infant- Using the ‘Shake and Bake’ room.
  • Junior-Using DT related tools.
  • Infant-To sample food from around the world as well as cooking with produce we have grown.
  • Junior-More choice when designing our own products.

Outdoor Learning

  • Infant- Infant-The bird feeders and seating areas.


  • Infant-To use the Secret Garden more frequently and sort out the ‘Quiet area’.

Financial Education

  • Learning about money in maths.
  • To learn about money in PHSE and think about how it affects our emotions.


  • Specialist coaches coming in.
  • To have time to use our P.E. evaluation books and be more active in lessons.


  • Infant-Dressing up and singing.
  • Junior-Learning about our own religions.
  • Infant-To make and ‘do’ more.
  • Junior-A variety of R.E. activities and less written work.


  • All the different PHSE topics.
  • To learn more about our bodies and our feelings.

School Environment


  • Junior-Display boards with photos of trips.
  • Junior-To decorate the stairwells.

Learning Behaviours


  • Working together to fill the nugget jar.
  • Infant-To share ideas of how to earn nuggets.
  • Junior-Book marks with the LBs on and Midday supervisors to award nuggets.


  • Junior-Learning about different countries.
  • Junior-to learn geographical skills, such as map work.


  • Trips related to our topic and the topic boxes.
  • More time to research our own questions about a topic.


  • Junior-Learning new words and numbers.
  • Junior-More time to practise French during the week.

Feedback and Marking

  • Verbal feedback.
  • Fewer ‘Green tasks’.