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Pupil Conferencing

Pupil Conferencing


At Elmbridge, pupil voice is very important to us; we feel the children should have a say in the development of the school. So every Autumn and Summer term we hold a ‘Pupil Conferencing’ session involving every child from Year 1-6. The children are split into groups which focus on different areas of the school. The groups are made up of children from different classes. They are asked what they like about the school and what they would like to develop. The children always have strong opinions and all of their views are taken into account; where possible changes are made according to their wishes.

Here are the strengths and suggestions made at our Autumn 2016 Pupil Conferencing.


Subject Area

We enjoy…

Now we would like…

English: writing

…writing different types of texts

…to write texts of our own choice and not have to stick to boxing up and keeping close to the original text

English: reading

...non-fiction books and books that make us laugh

…more varied and exciting material to read in school: magazines, comics, e-readers, graphic novels, etc.


…being shown how maths is meaningful in our lives

…more problem solving activities and daily tables practise


…the variety of media we have the chance to use

…to be given more opportunities to do art in school

…to have famous artists’ work on display around our school

Cultural Arts

…the cultural arts week and all the activities

…have a voice in choosing the cultures we study


...playing instruments in the music room (KS1)


...learning to play instruments in whole class sessions (KS2) sing more in our classrooms learn more unusual instruments (e.g. percussion, the accordion, etc)


…growing things (KS1)



…having science visitors coming to our school(KS2)

…to go outside more and use things from outside for our experiments (KS1)

…more ‘explosions’ and practical tasks rather than ‘just watching’


…Explorer and Beebots (KS1)

…learning about E-safety (KS2)

…to learn to touch type (KS1)

…year 6 monitors for technical equipment and use iPads more in other lessons (KS2)

D & T

…using a cooker as we are not allowed to at home

…to cook more often at school

Outdoor Learning

…pond dipping and gardening (planting seeds and looking after plants)

…to build an extra part into our trim trail ourselves (KS1)

…to have outdoor learning more often; we have to wait a long time for our turn (KS2)


…P.E. lessons and the range of clubs

…to introduce the daily mile (but give it a different name)


…feeling happy and safe to talk about our own beliefs

…more links in R.E. lessons to art/DT/music/dance (yrs1-3)

…to be able to more clearly understand the link between R.E. and British Values (yrs4-6)



…the yellow card system as it’s fair

…children to be given a yellow card if they have been sent to the SLT twice for making wrong choices

School Environment


…the interactive displays around the school

…the bake and shake room

…to use the library; we only go in there for first aid (KS1)

…to change how we use the cloakrooms as we don’t like them when they get so busy and noisy (KS2)



…the range of toys and scooters (KS1)


…Playmania (KS2)


…to improve the reading area where we can bring our books outside (KS1)

…to have more space for Playmania so more activities can be going on at a time (KS2)



…to go outside more to look at geography around us

…to use maps more to explore different environments (KS2)


…using the artefacts

…trips to be closer and hooks to be more exciting


…playing games to practise our French, such as bingo and ‘splat’

…to go outside for some lessons

Feedback and Marking

…the pink and green marking because we can see clearly what we have done well and where we need to improve

…to have more opportunities to share our work with our class